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About Known For

Known For is a monthly podcast, looking at a different Actor or Actress’ back catalogue of their career. In particular what top 4 films they are known for on IMDB. We offer our opinions, suggestions and discuss if any of their IMDB top 4 should be replaced. It’s a fun and lighthearted chat, and you might find some hidden gems you never knew existed.

About Bob Shoy


Based in the UK, Bob Shoy is an audio editor and award-winning podcaster with over five years experience. His most acclaimed podcast Weird Tales and the Unexplainable won Bronze at the British Podcast awards 2017, which Bob solely edits and produces and co-hosts with Luke Martin and Adam Tissington. Bob also writes, edits, directs and produces another podcast Five Minute Folklore which was nominated at the British Podcast Awards in 2018.

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